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John P. Krueger, DDS, PA

Restore Your Smile with Strong, High-quality Dental Crowns and Bridges

The loss of a tooth can impact not only the functionality of your smile, but your confidence as well. Dental crowns and bridges are dental restorations that fill the gaps in your smile and restore function. Dr. John Krueger can provide high-quality dental crowns and bridges at his Clearwater practice to help you regain confidence in your appearance, and enjoy restored chewing ability. Contact us today to learn more about how we can restore your smile.

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Customized restorations are designed to blend beautifully with your surrounding teeth.

High-quality Dental Crowns

Crowns are a common method of single-tooth restoration, most often used to protect teeth following treatment for extensive decay and damage. Crowns cover treated teeth to restore balance, function, and appearance. They are often used after root canal therapy.

The process of creating a crown begins as Dr. Krueger takes detailed impressions of a patient's prepared tooth. These impressions are then sent to our off-site laboratory along with detailed instructions from Dr. Krueger that ensure the tooth matches adjacent natural teeth in color, shape, and size. Crowns are usually ready within two weeks. We have a long-standing and close relationship with our nearby laboratory, where AACD-certified technicians craft dental crowns and bridges with exceptional detail and care. Our crowns are made from a variety of materials, including all ceramic, zirconia, e.max®, and porcelain fused to metal.

Implant-retained crowns are a great option for patients who need to replace a single tooth. This treatment involves the surgical placement of a small titanium post in the jawbone, where it serves as a replacement tooth root. The post fuses with the jaw bone over a period of months. When this process is complete, an implant-supported crown will be placed upon it. While patients wait for their dental implants to heal, they are provided with a temporary crown.

­Bridges Complete Your Smile

Composed of several fused crowns that function as a single prosthesis, a bridge is another popular type of restoration used to fill gaps in a patient's smile. Dr. Krueger offers both traditional bridges and implant-retained bridges. A traditional bridge is held in place by two adjacent crowns. The bridge, also called a partial denture, literally bridges the gap between the natural teeth. A bridge not only provides patients with a complete smile, it also prevents teeth from shifting and becoming misaligned, which can lead to more oral health problems.

We also also offers implant-retained bridges. Like traditional bridges, implant-retained bridges fill the gaps in patients’ smiles and prevent misalignment. These bridges are attached to dental implants instead of adjacent crowns.

Our bridges are made of high-quality materials. We can provide bridges that are entirely ceramic, or a combination of porcelain fused to metal. We only use noble metals, so our patients will not have allergic reactions caused by metals of inferior quality.

Learn More about How Crowns and Bridges Can Help You

Contact us today to learn more about how dental crowns and bridges can restore the functionality of your smile and improve your self-confidence.

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