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Dental Implants:
Investing in Your Oral Health

Dr. John Krueger places and restores dental implants at his office in Palm Harbor, FL, allowing him to personalize treatment to your budget without referring you to an outside specialist. While the cost typically starts at about $1,695 per implant post, the total will depend on a number of factors, from the type of restoration to preparatory procedures. For example, replacing a single tooth with an implant-supported dental crown starts at about $3,445.

Dental implants are an investment in your longterm oral health. With proper care and regular visits to your dentist, you can enjoy the benefits of your dental implants for a lifetime.

What Does the Baseline Cost Include?

The price of an implant treatment usually includes the cost of the implant, prosthetic, and the abutment that connects the two. If you are replacing a single tooth with an implant-supported crown, the total cost including the restoration will start at $3,445. However, the cost may change with the materials used.

Pie chart of factors affecting the cost of dental implants.
Dr. Krueger will walk you through the various factors affecting the cost to ensure that your treatment is tailored to your budget. 

Factors Affecting Cost

During your initial consultation with Dr. Krueger, he will go over the many factors that may affect the cost of treatment, including:

Type of Implants

Our office provides a number of different kinds of implants. While traditional implants are the most common, we may recommend mini implants for patients who are replacing smaller teeth such as cuspids and incisors. These implants are smaller than the traditional option and require fewer materials, reduced surgery time, and minimal preparatory procedures. However, while mini implants are consequently less expensive, they are not suitable for every patient.

Choice of Restoration

Patients can choose from a number of different restorations. On the one hand, dental crowns are most appropriate for replacing a single missing tooth and typically cost around $3,445, including the post, abutment, and custom crown. On the other hand, an implant-retained bridge or implant-supported dentures are often better suited to replacing multiple missing teeth but are consequently more expensive.

For most patients, Dr. Krueger starts the dental implant cost at $1,695 per implant.

Preparatory Procedures

If it has been some time since you lost teeth, you may have also lost jawbone tissue, as well. If you lack the bone to support implants, we may recommend a bone graft or sinus lift to rebuild lost bone and boost your candidacy for the procedure. However, both of these options require additional oral surgery and raise the overall cost of treatment.


Certain types of sedation are more expensive than others, as well. Because nitrous oxide is not as intense as other forms of sedation and does not last as long, it is often less expensive, as well. During your consultation, Dr. Krueger will discuss the sedation options available to you to ensure that you are provided with the one that best fits both your comfort level and budget.

Discuss Your Options with a Professional

As a member of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, Dr. Krueger is at the forefront of the dental implant field and works hard to keep prices reasonable while providing high-quality service. Dental implants are considered the most effective way to prevent bone loss and can last a lifetime without replacement. To learn more about implants as an investment in your health, call out office at (727) 240-3481 or contact us online.

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