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Dental Implants Timeline: What You Need to Know

Restorative treatment with dental implants requires an investment of time and resources that can result in the improved health, function, and beauty of your smile. While the typical dental implants timeline includes several months of healing, Dr. John Krueger offers options that can shorten treatment times for his Palm Harbor, FL, patients. At The Clear Water Dentist, we offer standard root form implants as well as mini dental implants. Your treatment timeline will vary depending upon several factors, including the state of your oral health and the type of restoration you choose.

Treatment Time is Dependent on Your Needs

At your initial appointment, Dr. Krueger will evaluate your jaw bone using detailed digital scans to determine whether you require preparatory treatment, which will add to your treatment time. Once he has completed an exam, the doctor can provide you with an anticipated treatment timeline based on your individual needs and goals. 

Traditional Implants

The process for traditional root form implants includes:

  • Planning
  • Surgical placement of the posts
  • Healing time and osseointegration
  • Attachment of the abutment
  • Fitting of the permanent restoration

From start to finish, these steps generally take about four to six months.

The total time varies depending upon the number of implants placed and the location in the jaw. For example, implants generally take longer to fully fuse with bone in the upper jaw. Patients who require a prerequisite procedure, such as bone grafting to strengthen the jaw, will need six to nine months additional healing time. If you will be using traditional implants, Dr. Krueger can provide temporary restorations during the healing period.

Diagram showing dental implants timeline
Dental implants treatment typically takes several months to complete.
Dental implants require investing a substantial amount of time, which can lead to improved health, dental function, and aesthetics.

Mini Implants

In addition to standard dental implants, Dr. Krueger offers mini implants for denture patients. Although mini implants still require substantial time to fuse with the surrounding bone, the posts can be placed and restored in one visit, so you can leave the office with your permanent teeth in place. Additionally, because mini implants can be placed in patients with less bone tissue at the treatment site, a supplemental bone grafting procedure is usually not necessary.

A Focus on Patient Education

Whether your plan includes a same-day restorative solution or several months before you can receive your permanent restoration, most of our dental implant patients consider the outcome well worth the wait. One of our goals is to ensure that patients fully expect how long their treatment will take, as well as the benefits of the different options available. We will be upfront and honest about the length of treatment, costs, and likelihood of success during planning, answering all the questions you have so that you remain informed. 

Learn More About Your Treatment Timeline

Dr. Krueger is a cosmetic and restorative dentist with decades of experience helping patients replace missing teeth. Our practice utilizes the latest technologies to provide you with a stress-free experience and optimal treatment outcome. To learn more about your personalized treatment timeline, please contact our office online or call (727) 441-3523 to schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Krueger.

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