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Teeth are an important part of your overall health and self-confidence. If you are missing teeth, Dr. John Krueger can craft a set of beautiful dentures for you at our Clearwater practice. Dr. Krueger takes special care to understand his patients' unique aesthetic goals and create quality traditional and implant-supported dentures. Dr. Krueger has the expertise required to create dentures that will allow you to smile, speak, and eat with renewed confidence. Contact us today to learn more about dentures and other restorative treatments.

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Today's dentures are meticulously crafted from lifelike materials.

Types of Dentures

We offer both traditional and implant-supported dentures at The Clear Water Dentist. Dr. Krueger's practice is incredibly convenient for patients because he can place and restore implants. Dental implants are small titanium posts that are surgically inserted within the jaw bone to support a variety of prostheses. Once inserted, the jawbone fuses with each implant, creating a foundation with the strength and stability of tooth roots. 

Implant-supported dentures are widely considered the very best means of supporting dentures. With dental implants, patients can easily bite into apples or steaks without having to worry that their dentures will slip out of place. Traditional dental implants require a healing period of three to six months, and patients will need a strong enough jaw to support them. If Dr. Krueger determines a patient's jaw is not strong enough, he can also perform bone graft surgery to strengthen it prior to implant surgery.

If you are missing teeth in your lower jaw, Dr. Krueger can also place mini dental implants to support lower-arch dentures. Because they are less invasive than traditional implants, mini implants can be placed and restored in a single visit. In this procedure, Dr. Krueger will modify a patient's traditional denture so that it connects directly to the implants. Finally, patients can leave the office with a fully restored and functional smile. Dr. Krueger has provided patients with mini implants for nearly 15 years.

An added benefit of implant-supported dentures is that they help patients retain bone mass in their jaws. In the absence of tooth roots, the body naturally begins to resorb bone cells, causing the jaw to weaken. However, the body actually perceives dental implants as tooth roots, which can halt the atrophy of the jaw.

We also offer traditional dentures for patients who are not good candidates for dental implants. Traditional dentures are custom-crafted to achieve a snug fit onto your gums, and they are further secured with a mild adhesive.

Natural, Comfortable Dentures

With each and every patient we treat, we take great care to create dentures that will look as natural as possible. They provide a fit that is comfortable and functional. We will work closely with you to help you understand your options and create a care plan that works for you. Our dentures are crafted at our partner laboratory from one of several high-quality materials depending upon a patient's needs. We take precise impressions of your smile to create dentures that achieve a snug and comfortable fit.

Crafting a set of dentures typically requires several visits. Dr. Krueger personally takes the impressions, determines the bite, and arranges the esthetics of the teeth to your satisfaction. Custom dentures are typically completed within a month. If you currently wear dentures, but need adjustments to maintain comfort, Dr. Krueger can also modify existing dentures.

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We want you to have the confidence and health that a stable, complete smile provides. If you need to replace missing or severely damaged teeth, contact us today to learn more about our denture options.

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