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Root Canal Benefits and Risks

Root canal therapy can save a damaged or infected tooth that may otherwise require extraction. While some dental patients view this treatment with a bit of anxiety, understanding root canal benefits and risks can put your mind at ease. Dr. John Krueger has performed many successful root canals for Palm Harbor, FL-area patients. During a consultation, we can inform you on advantages and risks of this restorative treatment

Any medical or dental procedure carries some potential risks, however, choosing an experienced practitioner like Dr. Krueger can minimize your risk of experiencing complications.
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Benefits of a Root Canal

If Dr. Krueger determines he is able to treat a damaged tooth with root canal therapy, the treatment option can provide many benefits:

  • Elimination of pain and other symptoms – Root canal therapy removes infected tissue to eliminate the source of pain, discomfort, and sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures. Other symptoms of infection, which may include fever and discharge, will also be resolved.
  • Protection of general health – An untreated dental infection can lead to more dangerous conditions, including an abscess or infection that travels to other areas of the body. Sepsis and other life-threatening illnesses have been connected to lingering or recurring dental infections.
  • Preservation of the tooth – It is always ideal to preserve a natural tooth rather than remove and replace it. The cost of root canal therapy, which is typically covered at least partially by insurance, is less than the cost of a dental bridge or dental implant to replace a missing tooth.
  • Improved appearance - Dr. Krueger will design and place a custom dental crown, which will provide structural support and strength to ensure fully restored dental function. Your crown will blend in with your other teeth to preserve the aesthetics of your smile. Crowns can also mask the discoloration that often affects a damaged tooth.

Despite these benefits, if a tooth has been damaged by trauma or extensive, untreated decay, pulling the tooth is sometimes the only solution. 

What Are the Risks?

Any medical or dental procedure carries some potential risks, however, choosing an experienced practitioner like Dr. Krueger can minimize your risk of experiencing complications. Following the procedure, some patients experience pain and swelling for several days. If over-the-counter aids are not sufficient to alleviate this discomfort, your doctor can provide prescription pain medication. In rare cases, a treated tooth can develop an infection again. This can often be treated with antibiotics but the condition may require an additional procedure, such as endodontic surgery. 

Learn More During a Consultation

If you are experiencing symptoms that point to the need for root canal therapy, we can determine whether the treatment option is best for you. Please contact our office today using our online form or call (727) 441-3523 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Krueger. Dr. Krueger has decades of experience and has performed countless successful root canals. We will take care to inform you of all possible risks, and provide the information needed to help you weigh your treatment options.

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